A pre-Thanksgiving recorded episode that has just now been uploaded. Very late or maybe a early Christmas gift? David and Lad discuss Harley Quinn and Gotham Girls and more.

David and Lad's Schedules lined up and what do ya know we got us an episode. We are talking new set previews, a new mod contest, and what we have been playing. Episode 54 has arrived.

David and Lad are back! Big news for David! They look at Star Trek and talk their latest teams and what they like from The Mighty Thor. The Odinsleep is over! GenClix is back.

Mighty Thor Set arrives with some colossal previews! David and Lad discussed what they played including Davids adventure at state ROC tournament. We're back from hiatus! The New 52 starts now!

David and Lad look closely at Elseworlds and what they like for sealed. They announce the winner and top 5 finishers in the mod contest, and of course they take your questions. Episode 51 is here!

Howard Brock joins us to World Championships, Thor, Your Questions (and ours) and the Thunder Twins???(No that was actually David LOL) As we reach the thrilling conclusion to the Gen Clix Double feature and wrap the Big 5 0 Episode.

We Have Dustin Seeders joining David and Lad Talkin Jakeem Supreme and Answering your questions in Part one of a special Gen Clix Double Feature

Lad and David discuss recent competitive event champs and their teams, what they like from the What If set other than the cheese, and they answer your questions and talk about their favorite colossals: including David's Giant Serpent. Episode 48 is here!

David and Lad wonder What If David Hasselhoff stayed Nick Fury in the MCU along with awesomeness from the latest Heroclix spoilers. We ask the Punisher "does he have a permit for those guns?" Who will be the "True Survivor?" Jakeem, Iron Man, or the Goblin King? You need action? We got it in Episode 47!!

Lad recaps his WKO experience, David talks "team building", and of course there are rabbit trails....

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