Episode 6 is here and it is a full one! The guys give a shout out to some more of their international listeners and Skyler lets everyone know that while Chase is nice, he's not always on top of his game. They discuss The Age of Ultron movie set collation while also theory crafting some Ultron Prime teams and discussing the finer points of which new Hulk reigns supreme. Skyler breaks down the Superman and Wonder Woman set solicitation and the guys dissect the first super qualifier with tactics down in Melbourne, FL. Travis introduces us to an old classic Thunderbolt in "This Old Clix" and in "Meta World Peace" the guys discuss the remaining batteries while giving their opinions (whether anyone wanted them or not) on the point formula of the ROC. The game terms mini series continues in "Boot Camp", and the guys debate their favorites between Prob, Outwit and Perplex, while also looking at the merits between Tactics vs. No Tactics in "Question Corner".

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