Welcome to Episode 14 of Generation Clix "The Heroclix podcast that shows you don't have to have real talent to make a podcast!" Skyler, Chase, and Travis completely wing it this week (or as Chase likes to cal it "Make Magic") since no one made an outline, Wah Wah! We might not have an outline but look for our special pre ramble at the end of our episode. Here are the topics covered this week:

  • We start with our usual "News and Announcements", Surprise! We cover the new ruling on carry and the effect it has on popular pieces like Highfather and Turtle
  • We congratulate our winner for the month of May's Mod contest and announce June's theme
  • A really quick review of some of the newer dials that have been leaked for the Month 1 of AAoU
  • We have some fun answering all the great questions in "Cole's Question Corner"
  • For the last topic we go over the great submissions for our "Team Building Challenge" and give some that we have been working on… or maybe made it on the spot
  • We finish our regularly scheduled programing with a bonus pre-ramble that you can listen to after our sign off
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