Thank you for waiting for our 13th episode of Generation Clix "The podcast that brings the Heroclix thunder!" We had some technical difficulties last night, I didn't know you could blow up Skype, but we are back on track now. Here is the breakdown of what we rambled about:

  • We start the show with the ever exciting "News and Announcements" where we go over a change to Energy Explosion and plus the Mod Contest entries for May
  • Then we dive into the figure previews(I promise they are getting better) including Jocasta, Machine Man, Vision, Ultron and a few more.
  • Out of hiding is our Tournament Coverage where we have a whopping four ROC's to breakdown
  • Then our open discussion on how to build a Meta team if you are strapped on cash or if its even possible
  • Skyler brings "Boot Camp" back the segment designed for the newer player
  • Lastly is we do our favorite segment Cole's Question Corner where you get to ask and we get to tell!

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