You guessed it, episode 12 is here of Generation Clix "The Heroclix Podcast that no matter how far you run, we will find you!" We have a "fun and exciting episode" that like many times before will have a beginning, a middle and a end. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • We lead the episode off with our ever enticing previews of She Hulk, Black Panther, Loki, Hank Pym and Antman
  • Give our initial thoughts on the month one op kit containing the Avengers Round Table Resource
  • Spend some time discussing the recent loss of the Players Guide and many WES rulings(pure chaos I tell you!)
  • Travis brings back this Old Clix and he goes digging real deep
  • We bring some advice on how to deal with a local community that is split between competitive and casual
  • We all make a 500 pt no Relic, Resource, Possession team, you guys can decide who's is best.
  • To finish out this amazing piece of media content we have one of our new favorite segments… Bob the Builder that was submitted by Bryan Frank.

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